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Buying a Business in Russia

Clients Profile:

- The companies aimed their Business expansion through M&A strategy


- The companies with a high Growth rates, debt and equity financing needs


- Business Owners willing to buy or sell a business

Private investors with desire to invest in real sector in Russia 


Owners willing to improve Efficiency of their Business 


- Investors with requirement of Business Valuation

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Buying a Business in Russia

Buying a business in Russia is a complex undertaking.

You are looking to acquire a company that will help to move your business or investment strategy at a new development level. In any stage of your acquisition process Corporate Advisor maximizes your potential for success.

- We help you to identify and understand the risks involved with a specific business or project,

- We make sure the deal is structured appropriately and fully financed,

- We assist you in maintaining good relations with the target company and its management, and

- We advise you how to overcome the sticking points that invariably arise along the way.

From uncovering unique targets that meet your acquisition criterias to closing the deal, we organise and facilitate your purchase process from its start to a win.


Phone. +7 (812) 309 71 25
Phone. +7 (812) 784 00 26
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