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Selling a Business

Clients Profile:

- The companies aimed their Business expansion through M&A strategy

- The companies with a high 
Growth rates, debt and equity 
financing needs

- Business Owners willing to 
buy or sell a business

Private investors with desire
to invest in real sector in Russia

Owners willing to improve Efficiency of their Business 

Investors with requirement of 
Business Valuation  




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Selling a Business

When the time comes to realize the financial value of your hard work and your investment in a business, Corporate Advisor will provide to you all the options available to assure solid decision-making.

We judge a successful business sale by our ability to meet and exceed your objectives, whether your goals focus on value, cultural fit, strategic fit, future upside, liquidity or any other important transaction characteristic.

We create markets for closely-held businesses and provide M&A advisory for public companies and professional financial investors.

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